Appreciation of Mr. Habibi in the ceremony of honoring the exemplary retirees of the oil industry

According to the public relations of Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company, on the 23th of January, during conference on thanking oil industry retirees, which was held in the conference hall of the Oil Industry Employees Retirement Fund, SAED and Kangan Petroleum Refinery Managing Directors ware especially honored. In this meeting, which was accompanied by speeches by Mr. Rahmati, Chairman of the Board of Retirement Funds of the Oil Industry, Ms. Zarvani, Chairman of the Retirement Funds of the Oil Industry and Dr. Omid Ghaemi, CEO of Ahdaf investment Company, special appreciation and thanks for the efforts of exemplary retirees Ms. Ziaei, Dr. Mansouri, Dr. Mahozi and Mr. Hosseini, were especially appreciated for their efforts to successfully complete the production performance test of Sarvak Azar Company and also to reach the production of Kangan Petro Refinery during the past two weeks.

The speakers, while emphasizing the complexities of the Azar oil field and the production of this mega project, pointed to the beginning of the return on investment of oil industry retirees in this project.



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