Delivering Results of Studies Conducted by Azar Oil Field Development Foreign Consultant in Upstream Section

According to a report by Public Relations Department of SAED, on Jan 22, 2018, the results of studies in the upstream section of Azar Project were presented during a meeting by LR Senergy Company.
It must be noted that in the meeting, the mentioned foreign consulting Co., directors and technical experts of Petroleum Engineering and Development Co. (PEDEC), Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Co. (SAED), Pars Petro Zagros (PPZ) and Kish Petroleum Engineering (KPE) were present.
In this session which was held at SAED headquarters, challenges facing Azar Oil Field in the upstream section including field well design, modeling of reservoir fractures, how to acidize and perform hydraulic fracture of the reservoir were addressed and discussed.
It is worth mentioning that LR Senergy Co. is a world renowned company in the field of reservoir research and upstream projects which, following PEDEC’s request, was selected to enter into a 6-month contract with Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Co., the project executer, in order to conduct researches pertaining to Azar Oil Field.

Upstream Studies, LR Senergy, Meeting

Upstream Studies, LR Senergy, Meeting



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