Design and manufacture of inflatable oil ball for the first time in Iran

Following the drift and successful use of the first inflatable water ball in Iran in the effluent injection well of Azar oil field for the first time in Iran, we are pleased to announce that with the acquisition of knowledge and technology for making inflatable balls, the first inflatable ball Swellable Packer-Oil Swell was designed and manufactured with the special support of the CEO of the company in cooperation with Sharif University of Technology and the company upstream and for the first time in Iran, successfully installed in well AZR-004 on December 5, 2020.

Thus, with the development of knowledge and technology in designing and manufacturing inflatable balls in Iran and its field testing in Azar oil field, while proving again the leading company of Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company in the country’s oil industry, the use of this technology in other fields of Iran It can increase the life of the well due to its integration, reduce repair operations, reduce production maintenance costs, and increase productivity and field production. This innovative action, which led to brilliant results in line with the technology transfer policy and with the right roadmap, shows the ability of the country’s academic and industry experts to create valuable achievements if the necessary conditions and support of knowledgeable and courageous managers are provided. For many years, it will be a source of goodness and blessings for our country.



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