Another honor for Iran, this time in Azar shared oilfield

The first phase of early production of Azar shared field is began with a daily capacity of 15 thousand barrels on Tuesday 14th of March this year.

According to SAED public relations, the beginning extraction from this field is launched in the presence of Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh, along with a delegation of officials and MPs Ilam province.

Mr. Zangeneh thanked the governor general, deputies as well as representatives of the province and the city of Ilam in Parliament after visiting the oil field and said: One of the economy persistence debates is pay attention to common oil fields and then it’s the issue of the production chain.

Oil Minister continued: I’m glad that the first extraction of the Azar field done and God willing, as we were told we will increase the production over 30 thousand barrels per day in May, then 60 thousand after that and at least 100 thousand BPD finally.

Bijan Zanganeh also acknowledged the efforts of all companies involved and said: I thank the CEOs of Oil Industry Pension Funds Investment (OPIC) and Oil Industries Engineering and Construction (OIEC) Companies, because of this field has been regulated with your efforts.

He said at the end: My presence here was not been because of the production of barrels of oil has been announced but rather honoring the management evolution and boarding attempt have been made in heat and cold to fulfill the vindication of rights and faster extraction of oil from this shared oilfield of Country.

After that, CEO of OIEC, while welcoming the Minister and his delegation, said: I congratulate the burning of Azar oil field’s flare, and this success become more hearty because this flare have been burned in front of  Badra oil field in Iraq where its flare had been burned the previous year.

Mr. Behzad Mohammadi continued: We have been able to do this job with the expertise of Iranian specialists and our colleagues while we had faced international pressures and outrageous sanctions that ruled our country, and by the grace of God we have passed a hard way for reclaiming our part.

He said at the end: ” Due to the valuable experiences we have earned and precious lessons we have learned from this oil field and with the support of the Ministry of oil, I hope we also can participate in the implementation of the development plan of Azar 2 and development of this field for extraction more than 65 thousand barrels in the form of new oil contract models.


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