Code of Conduct

Relying on God’s mercy, we as the personnel of SAED, promise before God, that for preserving the company’s interests: to appear with a neat appearance, every day and at all times, in a tidy and orderly workplace to have a good, appropriate, polite and respectful interaction with coworkers and visitors, to perform our duties with full honesty and fairness within the shortest time possible; being committed to achieve the company’s targets and to the following code of ethics and conduct, so to:

  • do our business with patience, justice, fairness, in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the company, and avoid to impose any personal opinion;
  • pleasantly welcome our coworkers and consider the assigned duties as our obligations and perform them with the highest efficiency;
  • welcome comments and constructive suggestions, promote openness to criticism and transparency in communication of information to increase public confidence in the company;
  • keep trying to preserve accountability, liability and devotion in doing our duties in relation with the targets and disciplines of the company, coworkers and visitors, and to promote its quality level;
  • use the company resources with perfect precision and utmost delicacy and prevent dissipation and waste of the company’s assets and adhere to the same, as a religious and social principle;
  • secure the secrets confidential information of the company, coworkers and visitors, and act in a transparent and honest basis in our business relationships;
  • comply with HSE regulations through promotion of our professional knowledge and quality level;
  • accept as a priority: the active participation in advancement of the company’s affairs, commitment to the team work and to helping each other;
  • seriously avoid any unnecessary discussion and conversation, baseless insistence and imposing our opinions against the righteous and legal opinion of the coworkers/visitors, and try to justify the case, if necessary, and otherwise introduce them with the utmost respect, to the higher authority;
  • In compliance with the regulations, consider it as one of our duties, to promote our personal experience and knowledge, and share the same with coworkers and all stakeholders, and try to increase it;
  • Preventing any discrimination and paying attention to the human dignity, treat our colleagues with the utmost respect;
  • Adhering to the shareholders’ resolutions and taking into account their views, we always try to comply with them;
  • Strive to assist the contractor’s collaboration, by expressing our clear and transparent opinions, expediting the current affairs, and support them on a legal basis;
  • Always endeavor to break dependency, through improvement of technology and science for the industry development.