Managing Director’s Message

In the Name of God

Greetings, friends, and companions

Undoubtedly, building a powerful, dynamic, and unique team in Iran’s oil industry and being the only Iranian developer company that didn’t have the name of a mere contractor depends on the will of a man with foresight and insight, with great effort, a firm determination that steadfast in the excellence of the Sarvak Azar team and has been successful in fulfill their goals because of his vision and high moral character.

I sincerely thank Dr. Habibi for his hard work during the tormented development and implementation of the Azar National Plan. I also wish him further success and pride in another part of my country’s oil industry.

Now that it has been decided that I will continue to work for Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company in this way, I think it is important to thank and appreciate the commendable and indescribable actions of my colleagues in this field and to remind everyone that the oil industry is the most critical engine of development. The country still needs their hard work, courage, and sacrifices, as well as the successful experience of developing the Azar shared oil field, which has exported 62 million barrels of oil in the last six years, bringing in about $4 billion for the country, and as the first Iranian company won the gold award for international project management excellence in mega projects, it has assisted the company in doing well, which gives us more hope for the future.

And this will be possible with the seriousness and constant help of these competent individuals and with firm, well-coordinated steps if God wills it.

Best regards
Hamidreza Tavassoli

October, 2022