MD’s Message

In the Name of God

Dear Colleagues,

Now, that God trusts me to serve in Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Co. (SAED), I’m very thankful and hope to enjoy the assistance of the honest employees of this company, to serve honestly and doubly try in order to follow this Vision and introduce SAED as the most major contractor for development of the oilfields in Iran and region.

Since the operational approach is selected by the new management, all available tools and facilities will be used to realize the same, which entails accountability and good performance of any and all colleagues.

I should remind all of you that the mission of SAED has remained in power, and noting has been diminished, at all, of its importance in the growth of our Islamic country. We are still committed to our liabilities for the precise and correct fulfilment of the Azar Oilfield Development Project and shall do our utmost in achievement of its targets. We and you have already learned through numerous plans and project, that the only constant principle in implementing the projects is Change; and the only privilege that will bring us success are sympathy and faithfulness in believing in the goal that has gathered us together.

We keep trying to maintain our corporation values, i.e. innovation and relying on expertise of our dear homeland’s children; to, at the first step, start oil production on the planned date; powerfully and with the least possible conflict, advance the works up to the final production stage, by the strict supervision and the hard work of the contractors. Our powerful organizational culture, arisen out of your valuable records, will support our performance. Now, more than ever, we need your stability in work, discipline and commitment to the national goals, you all preserve in your hearts.

I ask God Almighty to bless everyone.