Quality Control and Quality Assurance

SAED, together with the cooperation of all employees according to predetermined policy and strategies, with trainings in or out of the company and providing the most effective internal communication processes, provides necessary conditions for professional working environment which is accomplished by process control, quality control, process occurrence time, customer satisfaction, process cost and in due time delivery indicators.

Performances of our employees and processes are evaluated in regular periods.

Quality Control Department has implemented a Quality Control Management System and defined the Quality Action Plan modeled on the national and international normative references. All monitoring and Quality Control of both procurement and site supervision are carried out utilizing Quality Control guidelines and after preparation of detailed procedures. Thereafter, QC records are appropriately archived in Quality Assurance Document Control Center (QA-DCC).

Qualified QC personnel and Technical Inspection Teams have been recruited to enhance Quality Control effectiveness.

It is expected that the implementation of the Quality Control System Management System shall lead to risk minimization and lowering of probable failures in future operation, hence to considerable reduction of overhaul and maintenance cost.