Strategic Program


One of The most original contractors of the oil fields development in Iran and the region

Mission Statement

  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Best Internal Resources
  • Committed Cost, Time and Quality

Corporate Values

  • Resistive Economy
  • Employment Opportunity creation
  • Shareholders’ Interests
  • Iranian technological potential
  • Conflicts Management
  • Accuracy and Veracity
  • Satisfaction of stakeholders
  • Personnel satisfaction

Key Strategies

  • Accurately reporting and systematic recording all plan activities to avoid any claims lead to a loss goals
  • Develop communication in the labor-market to identify and recruit experienced professionals and technicians
  • Maintain skilled employees by competitive payment, appropriate leadership and motivating tasks
  • Broaden financial resources to safeguard an appropriate cash flow and achieve suitable financial productivity
  • Develop senior management with the best Iranian and overseas industrial management skills
  • Grant the contractors freedom to innovate and perform best within the framework of project scope
  • Utilization of social capital to reach the best advice within the project scope
  • Development of an infrastructure including Management System for a durable Organization
  • Utilization of the services of a Third Party Agent (TPA) to enhance the accuracy and the veracity of Health, Safety and Environment quality monitoring systems (HSEQ).