Where is Azar?

Azar structure is an irregular anticline located in Anaran exploration block in Ilam Province (south-west Iran, 25 kilometers from the city of Mehran), along the Iran/Iraq border. Extending in northwest/southeast direction, the total length of the field is more than 36.5 kilometers (including the extension in Iraq) of which approximately 13.5 kilometers is located in the Iranian side of the border. The width of the structure is about 30 kilometers.

Drilling of the first exploration well initiated in 2003 but due to drilling technical reasons failed to reach the formation and was abandoned in 2004.The Second exploration well named AZR-2 was drilled and completed over Sarvak reservoir formation in 2005, and proved presence of economical/recoverable oil in this field.

The total area of the field over Ilam formation is about 400 square kilometers. Base on  comprehensive reservoir/geology studies, this field contains 2.44 billion barrels of light oil in place (API 32). The estimated volume of recoverable oil from Azar Oil Field is 400 million barrels.