Measurement of oil, gas and water flow with MPFM (Multi-Phase Flow Meter) instrument in Azar oil field

In Azar oil field, “for the first time” field test of oil, gas and water flow with MPFM (multi-phase flow meter) after reviewing the studies of the manufacturer and providing the facilities for its implementation in the upstream complex of Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company by the company The exploration operation was carried out in one of the wells in Azar oil field. The results obtained from the measurement of this instrument are very close to the output of other equipment for measuring the production rate, so that finally for oil rate less than 3% and for gas rate less than 5%, the difference between the results is reported. Due to the successful testing of this tool, it is possible to use this technology to measure the production rate of other wells.

MPFM (multi-phase flow meter) is a tool for measuring the production rate of three phases of oil, gas and water simultaneously. The instrument uses a source of radioactive gamma rays to perform this measurement. The advantages of using this technology as an alternative to other conventional measuring equipment can be instantaneous and 24-hour measurement of oil and gas rates without interruption in production from the well, no need for conventional measuring tools (well testing equipment), reducing time of equipment relocation, lower operating costs, continued production and monitoring, greater safety, reduced operational risks.



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