honor of Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company: “Design and manufacture of Swellable Packer for the first time in Iran”

Following the special emphasis and support of the CEO of Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company regarding the importance of technology transfer in the Azar oil field development project and in line with the policies announced by the Ministry of Petroleum regarding maximum support for domestic products and knowledge-based collections, experts proudly announce The upstream

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Sending the first barrels of sweet oil from Azar oil field

With the efforts of colleagues and specialists of SAED and subcontractors of Azar oil field development, crude oil extraction of Azar oil field in the processing unit has been sweetened On 25 July 2020, around 5 pm and it was transferred to Dehloran unit by transfer pumps to the export line. It is worth mentioning

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Pictorial Report: The 19th JMC Meeting of Azar Oil Field

Pigging of the sour oil pipeline

The pigging of the Azar sour oil transmission line, which started on the evening of Friday, May29, was fortunately successfully completed on the morning of Saturday, June 2. During the operation, which was carried out to clear the sour oil transmission line and prepare for the production of 65,000 barrels of oil per day, the

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Perform SAT tests in CCR building control sections

SAT tests were performed on the ESD and DCS control sections of the CCR building (ITR0) by Process Company. These tests included I / O List, BOM Check, Graphic Check, and engineering room checks and site-building communication tests.

Operation to turn on the pilot flare of the central processing unit of Azar oil field

In Azar oil field development plan, two hydrocarbon gas collection and combustion networks have been equipped with low pressure (LP Flare) and high pressure (HP Flare) in normal operational and emergency conditions. Exhaust gases from low pressure storage tanks, safety valves for low pressure equipment and effluent treatment package, after collection and liquefaction in LP

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Pictorial Report: Transfer two diesel generators to the central processing unit of Azar oil field

Pictorial Report: OIEC and Sarvak Azar managers visit Ilam Petrochemical and Azar oil site

Arrival and installation of Test Separator 1100-VS-001

In order to measure the various parameters of well oil output, including the amount of oil, gas and water produced from each well, usually a three-phase separator called a test separator is used, which allows the connection of individual wells. During the operation of the wells and according to the needs, the flow of fluid

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Pictorial Report: Dr Dehghani visited Azar Oil Field