Pictorial Report: The 17th JMC Meeting of Azar Oil Field

Success of SAED in establishing an integrated management system and obtaining related certifications from TUV Nord Company

Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company, using the potential of its partners and without obtaining external help and advice, succeeded in meeting the requirements of the Integrated Management System (IMS) and obtained three certificates based on ISO 9001: 2015 standards of quality management, environmental management ISO14001 : 2015 and ISO45001: 2018 Occupational Safety and Health

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Pictorial report: Preparation and installation of equipment in the central site control building (CCR)

Installation Stabilizer Column

The installation of 1201-CL-001 & 1202-CL-001 (Stabilizer Column) equipment with an approximate weight of 37 tons and a height of 33.5 meters was successfully performed. It should be noted that the weight of the equipment reaches 93 tons after installing internal parts and structures on the body. Stabilizer equipment is used to separate the H2S

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Execution of dewatering operations for 3500 tank

In line with the project objectives and commissioning of the main systems of the CPF utility, in the first step after completing the construction and testing of various parts of the Raw Water system, including the tank TK-001-3500 with a capacity of 6362 cubic meters and a diameter of 30 meters, pipelines Surface and underground

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Installation of Chemical Injection Packages Reverse Osmosis System (R.O.) Unit 3500

Installation of reverse osmosis (R.O.) system chemical injection packages for unit 3500 was performed. These packages are used to prevent the deposition of mineral salts, remove chlorine ions, reduce the pH of the RO solution and kill bacteria and microorganisms in the water treatment process of the reverse osmosis system.

Installation of oil transfer pump

Installation of PU-003A- 1300 pump from API-BB5 was performed that is used to send oil stored in the ON-SPEC tank to oil transmission lines and delivery to the destination.

90% passed in the Process Safety Management (PSM) test of the British NEBOSH organization

SAED is proud to inform that HSE colleagues, after a long and extensive study effort, have succeeded in obtaining 90% acceptance in one of their two exams from NEBOSH. The management of SAED, while congratulating the esteemed colleagues of HSE, wishes them more success. It should be noted that the British National Examination Board for

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Delivery of sweet oil transmission pipeline of Azar oil field

With the great efforts of SAED and Iran Arvin Company’s team, the 16-inch sweet oil transfer pipeline between Dehloran and Cheshmeh Khosh with a length of 68 km was temporarily delivered on 27 September. It is worth mentioning that with the completion of this part of the project, the entire obligations of the contract for

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Pictorial report: Start the installation operation Instrument Device and complete the Hook Up nitrogen package in the 2500 area