Pictorial Report: Increasing the production capacity of Azar Oilfield to 30 thousand BOPD, by finishing wellhead & facilities on well AZAR-13

Pictorial Report: Early production 2nd phase progress review and site visite by OIEC & SAED’s managing directors

One further step towards achievement of the 2nd phase of Early Production

According to the Public Relations of Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Co., endeavors of the personnel of the company in furtherance of the objectives of the 2nd phase of Early Production (EP-2) led to the successful commissioning of Azar-12 Well on Tuesday April 25 of the current year earlier than the scheduled date. From among

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Pictorial Report: Hydrotesting of flowlines on well 16

Pictorial Report: Organizing the Risk Management Workshop for HSE personnel of Azar oilfiled

Pictorial Report: Beginning of gas pipeline welding operation, alongside the start of of the new year

The successful transmission of Azar oilfield to Dehloran facilities

According to SAED public relations, at 01:30 am on March 13th of this year (2017), The oil is extracted from Azar oil wells, reached the Dehloran facilities. The oil is extracted from Azar wells 3, 7, 9 and 13, were sent to Modified Early Production System (MEPS) over 14 km flow lines, after primary activities

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PEDEC’s managing director approved oil transmission to Dehloran Facilities

According to SAED public relations, the approval was given by Mr. S. N. Shahnazizadeh during his visit to Azar oilfield on Tuesday, March 7th, upon which the oil transmission started at 19:15 toward Dehloran facilities.   Managing director of Petroleum Engineering & Development Company appreciated efforts made by all engaged companies, acting whether as owner

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Pictorial Report: SAED’s managing director and a number of senior managers at the project site to congratulate and appreciate the Early Production commissioning group

Pictorial Report: 3000 trees planted on Azar Oilfield by the environmentalists to celebrate Arbor Day