Central Process Facilities

The project includes all Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Startup and other services required for final production of 65.000 bopd and 80 MMscfd gas.

The fluid produced from 17 production wells, received at the inlet Common Manifold, is directed through two separate headers to the respective production trains. After pre-cooling the fluid is passed through two stages of three-phase separators to remove the associated gas and produced-water, followed by a desalting unit and a hot stripping desulfurization tower to remove H2S. Then the stabilized oil is cooled in a fin-fan air cooler and directed through a common header to an on-spec storage tank. Three booster and main pumps are utilized to transport the stored crude oil, via a dedicated oil pipeline, to Chesheh Khosh production center.

The produced gas is first dried in two gas dehydration trains and then directed via a common header to two gas compression trains each consisting of three gas-compressors stages for transportation, via a dedicated gas pipeline, to Dehloran production center for ultimate delivery to NGL-3100 Complex.

Normally, CPF shall handle 65,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd), but it is designed for processing 71,500 bopd, 78 MMscfd gas and treating 23,000 barrels per day of effluent water for re-injection back into the reservoir.


Project Photos